Chennai Rail Map – Updated

I’m bored of twiddling my thumbs.

The Chennai metro project seems to be making some progress. Why, they even have a half baked website up and running. Even more interesting is the presence of a logo, and it looks suspicously like the work of a dropout student from Andal Alagar Institute of Contemporary Design.

The only thing useful in the site is the Project Brief Document (Download PDF), which has a good amount of interesting information and is worth a read. The rest of the site is plain shite, right from the poorly edited image of a Deutsche Bahn train to the 2 photos of MuKa Stalin staring into the ceiling all the way in Tokyo.

Atleast with the release of official data, i could finally finish my chennai rail map, which should be quite useful, especially since their version resembles like cat puke.

Map of the proposed rail network in Chennai

I’m thinking of ways to make the map a little more informative. Any ideas?


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11 responses to “Chennai Rail Map – Updated”

  1. Dynesh says :

    So that’s the end of the line for the rest of the MRTS then? (Bad Pun intended) IIRC the original alignment of MRTS phase 4 was further out west. I would have liked to have seen a metro line going through
    T Nagar/Saidapet and onto Adayar/Thiruvanmiyur and then out onto the OMR. Of course the costs would have skyrocketed cos it would need a substantial underground section. Speaking of which, any chance you might highlight the underground section seperately (like the DMRC map?) Is it just the georgetown section?

  2. Dynesh says :

    And does no one in the public sector know how to put up a map? you could make a killing if they started outsourcing this stuff…

  3. Ms. Jen says :

    The map version on their website does resemble cat puke, but blurry cat puke.

    I like your version.

    When are they going to finish the line out to the airport? That would be super useful.

  4. Ravages says :

    I smell a petition and a business opportunity here.q

  5. planemad says :

    not too many parts are underground, and anyhow if i were to include that info at the present scale, it could become a bit cluttered. once exact alignment is know maybe i might make a dmrc style detailed map.

    if newspapers are to be beleived, then the system could be in operation within 6 years at the earliest.

    petition eh? About the business op, this layout is probably the best one anyone can do, so yep there is good potential to sell this. But right now, since the metro is only on paper (no pun intended), its not of much practical use.

  6. Jaggy says :


    If I’m not wrong, I have met you in CPC trip to Gingee. I have a map of Chicago (has both bus & Rail system in detail). Its a very useful and informative one.

    You can try something similar to that.

    Drop me a mail. I will give you more details.

  7. Alagu says :

    You r0ck dude, totally. MRTS is a loser if they don’t use this map! 🙂

  8. planemad says :

    Thanks Al 😀

  9. Jagadish says :

    gr8 work dude…
    here we gt a similar maps being stuck on evry side of compartments n de trains !

  10. Shivasubramanian A says :


    You need to update the link to the Map. CMRL has changed the name of the pdf.

    The new link is:

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