Chennai photo quiz 22


where would you find this bus stop?

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22 responses to “Chennai photo quiz 22”

  1. Ravages says :

    I saw this on flickr just now, and try as I might, I can’t think of a place that has such a bus stop in Madras. It looks like OMR, especially the bougainvillea and the light poles in the middle (blurred out), but the ugly mound of earth right behind the stop doesn’t cue OMR.

    So I am guessing this is just off OMR, on the roads leading to either Thiruvanmiyur or Velachery.

  2. Prasanna V Seshadri says :

    probably OMR after NIFT..i am not familiar with the OMR..

  3. venkster says :

    tharamani … somewhere near tidel park ?

  4. Ram N says :

    GST road … somewhere near the AAI colony?

  5. planemad says :

    It takes a simple one to stump the experts 😀
    keep guessing

  6. Narain says :

    This is def not OMR. I cant see the MRTS railway bridge.

  7. Shivasubramanian A says :

    This is so unfair… my office has blocked the images!! I can’t even see the image… how am I supposed to participate? 😦

  8. Navneeth says :

    Is this opposite Fort St.George? I haven’t seen the actual stop (assuming there’s a new one), but the RHS of the pic reminds me of the Fort’s entrance.

  9. planemad says :

    No worries, this is more important than boring office work 🙂
    Click here

  10. Navaneethan Santhanam says :

    I think this is on Mount Road, near Raj Bhavan.

  11. T.U. Dinesh says :

    opposite fort st george

  12. Ashwin says :

    Is it near madhya kailash towards tidel park ?

  13. Sagaro says :

    I am guessing it is the beach road (somewhere close to that Marina thingum) I don’t know area name and all… but the road reminds me of the path the bus takes to go to Paris.

  14. Ravages says :

    Navneeth’s guess, I think, is the right one. Fort St. George.

  15. planemad says :

    Yep, Navneeth was right. Its the Fort bus stop on Rajaji Salai. A lot of sprucing up happening in the area, with a nice garden coming up.

    And i’m quite happy with the number of wrong guesses, hehehe 😀

  16. Prasanna V Seshadri says :

    For once,u had so many wrong guesses…..

  17. planemad says :

    I know, and the timing was just right. The Hindu published a pic of just it two days back.

  18. unnikuttan says :

    Anna square close to marina beach.

  19. Bharath says :

    Its juzz on the road to Fort St. George. They’re converting the ageold platform into these kind of shiny and i can see awesome bus stops there.. 🙂

  20. Jagadish says :

    i only knew tis oneee 😀

    but ppl already said 😦

  21. S.Babjee says :

    This place is bang opposite to Fort St.George (Old secretariat) abutting the water fountain with a abstract sculpture!!

    I know this place very precise because I designed the entire Marina Beach and Rajaji Salai stretch!!

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