Going south

Now that my 1000+ page texts containing greek alphabets are safely out of sight, i’m going on a little trip down the coromandel to cool off my aching brain. With the current temperatures, not exactly sure if there will be anything remotely close to cooling off happening, but gliding through the serene backwaters of the worlds’ second largest mangrove forest (or so they claim) shall be a welcome change in surroundings.

So while everyone else i know would have passed out after flooding their liver with the post exam alcohol river, i’m going to be catching the 4am bus to Cuddalore with a bunch that takes pleasure in torturing the body with uncomfortable bus rides, trekking in 45degree temperatures and considering 3 peanuts as a wholesome meal. I’m just as mad, so cheers to me and credits to gapp for the sudden unplan .



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4 responses to “Going south”

  1. Shillika says :

    Travelling is fun! Trekking is an amazing experience in itself.. stop sulking and go enjoy yourself!

    Skeptical bum bum

  2. srini says :

    hi arun
    welcome to cuddalore,
    r u visiting hill at thiruvendhipuram in cuddalore,
    in that case if u find difficulty in catching the right bus just give me a call

    awaiting for the fotos

  3. Dynesh says :

    Hope the exams went well. enjoy your trip.

  4. planemad says :

    bum bum? gasp

    thanks srini for the very helpful suggestions. we made a mess of things by waiting for the chidambaram bus from thiruvanmiyur instead of going to kathipara. anyway, it was a good experience.

    thanks 🙂

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