Chennai photo quiz 23

So after a long while, another one.


where can you find this?


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10 responses to “Chennai photo quiz 23”

  1. Navneeth says :

    Inside the campus of the Durga Bai Deshmukh Hospital/Andhra Mahila Sabha, of course. Acorss the road from the location of what was Sathya Studios.

  2. Ashwin says :

    Think its opp mgr janaki coll before adyar bridge..

  3. Sathyanarain says :

    R A Puram.
    Andhra Hospital. Near MGR Janaki College/Sathya Studios bus stop.
    Simple one! Ha!

  4. Ravages says :

    Navneeth just has too much time on his hands.

  5. Navneeth says :

    Hey, it’s a weekend with nothing to do. It wasn’t long ago that someone else I know used to get in the first post often, and that too in the afternoon during weekdays. 😛

  6. planemad says :

    seriously, never knew this was so simple. thought it was hidden behind some bushes. And its funny they keep the statue in such a bad state.
    So did they rename AMS to durgabai deshmukh hospital?

    ahem 😛

  7. Tushar says :

    It is the Andhra Mahila Sabha, which has the Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital.
    I think 🙂

  8. planemad says :

    ^ last prize 😛

  9. Dynesh says :

    Ya the hospital is part of the AMS i think. Funny how so many of these photo quiz pictures are places you pass by everyday. Wish I’d paid more attention.

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