Chennai photo quiz 24


York Street, Chennai on google doesnt show up anything positive. Proove google wrong?

And by the way, this is actually a guest post from NavneethC, so quite obviously Ravages is barred 😛

Do check out navneeth’s flickr album for some super pics from the Chennai photowalk.


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12 responses to “Chennai photo quiz 24”

  1. Ravages says :

    I could tell you where this was if you’d drugged me, beaten me up, got me in a coma for 20 days and then shook me awake in the middle of the night and asked me.

    So…yeah, I shall not answer this one.

  2. Ravages says :

    And oh, a half-a-dozen give-aways in this photo.

  3. planemad says :

    Ha! i figured you’d be itching to answer. Im a little surprised no ones answered yet, this has probably been the longest wait ever

  4. Dilip P says :

    This is inside Fort St George…

    I remember other streets like Gloucester Alley, kings street….

  5. Tushar says :

    Dude, need some info on the Ubuntu install..Can you email me your email id pls?

  6. Navneeth says :

    [off-topic]Yay, another convert! Hello, and welcome to the Cult, Tushar. 🙂 But for an insane genius installing Ubuntu should be a breeze. 😉 [/off-topic]

  7. Tushar says :


    See insane part before genius 😀

    And I was using only ‘buntu for the past 2 years and got stuck with Vista on new lappie 😦

  8. planemad says :

    @Dilip, youre right. Beside the Fort museum

  9. Amog says :

    The give-away is that plastic bag on the road or the well-camouflaged cannon?

    Oh, btw.. Ubuntu \m/ !

  10. planemad says :

    cannon and the blue ASI board behind the sign

  11. R.Shantaram says :

    Aah, missed it. Is there any periodicity to this quiz?

    And I’m gonna borrow some ideas (no, not the photos themeselves) from this for my blog…. don’t mind it!

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