Free vector outline district map of India

Would you believe it if i told you there isnt even a single detailed outline map of this country which is free. I didnt, until a research scholar from IITM approached me for a map to help in a document he his preparing for a government sponsored project – the national knowledge network (what an irony). Imagine, even the professor in charge  has been contacting various government agencies to get hold of a district map of the country because there is none available online.

This is something that the government should have done, but since they seem to think that the band of jokers at NIC are competent in the field of information technology,  its upto citizens like us to save the face of this nation. We may call ourselves the exporters of IT to the world, but when it comes to providing its own citizens with even a tiny amount of useful detail, we fail miserably.

Hence i am releasing the vector base map data of India that includes international, state and district boundaries, into the public domain. This should be of benefit especially to academicians and students who uptill now had to make do with watermarked, low resolution maps for their work. This is the same data that was used to create my other maps on wikipedia.

Included Data:
Boundary of India
State boundaries (accurate)
District boundaries (accurate upto year 2001)
Disputed areas of Azad Kashmir, Aksai Chin and Siachen Glacier (More Info)
Coordinate lines and scale

Public Domain

Download Format:
India Raster Map PNG Download
India Vector Map PDF Download

free district outline map of india

To fully customize the map, use a vector editor like Adobe Illustrator or inkscape (free), to style the map according to your needs.


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68 responses to “Free vector outline district map of India”

  1. Dynesh says :

    Nice work! And free too. How’s that schematic coming along?

  2. planemad says :

    Thanks, the schematic is on the shelf at the moment 😦 hopefully can resume work once i get more time.

    • anoop says :

      Hey gr8 Job. Hats off. But i need ur more help. I am helping the Purnea district administration in digitization og map and services. We have bought a GIS software. Can u provide Purnea districts Villagewise,Blockwise vector maps or even the scanned copuy of latest maps would help that can be digitized with the help of the software. I assure once we do this I will share it through you for further use by the people that would help the society.

  3. Amog says :

    Dude, planemad.. what about this?

  4. Capt Srikanth says :

    Excellent and appreciate your work on this map. I have been trying to lay a hand on one for quite a while until i stumbled into yr website. If i had not seen yors I would have been lost and was taking it as a channelge to produce one ofr free.
    Being Indian I feel sorry that our NIC info is pathetic.

    People like you make the difference and cheers mate. keep it up and I will pass on the word.

    Sadly our web site cant even put a map of india showing all the sez they have approved.

    “A picture tells a thousand word” is never understood by many. Having said that the web site is upto date with monthly updates on the roads is worth a mention.

    warm regards
    Capt Sri

  5. dkjnkm says :

    cool maps, is there a way to convert these locator maps to latitude/longitude points

  6. planemad says :

    @Capt Srikanth
    Thanks captain 🙂

    Real sorry mate, its not that accurat 😦
    You would need something made with a gis application for that. Try checking out the state locator maps ive made on wikipedia, that has a rectangular projection and would be more suitable than this one which has conical projection

  7. Rebecca Howell says :

    Thanks so much for your work on this. It’s tremendously helpful. (College teacher trying to orient students, and not spend a fortune, or break copyright laws doing it.)

  8. planemad says :

    Awesome, thats exactly the purpose 😀

  9. sasha says :

    hey ! This map has been super useful !
    Thanks ! 🙂

  10. Alex E says :

    Thank you very much for this! I am an academic doing medical research on child survival in India and required such a map for one of our publications. I and the coauthors of the paper are very grateful!

  11. Yogesh says :

    Thanx a ton. This is a boon to people from the design industry as well… thanx again

  12. Mayank says :

    thanks brother! You are absolutely true. This basic but extremely useful piece of info about our own country is not available online!! thanks for the great job!!

  13. planemad says :

    @sasha @alex @yogesh @mayank
    thanks a lot guys 😀

  14. Amar says :

    It is the info… i been looking for…. thanks.

  15. siddharth singh says :

    Excellent work dude…has been looking for a map of India showing the state boundaries without any other details.. .
    great work…
    but the government should also realize that people do need maps of their country and should provide them for free at certain sites..

  16. jaun says :

    its truly amazing,

    that u took the trouble
    and people out there actually expected to their bit
    dont manage to stand up
    need to share some notes with u


  17. Saurabh says :

    Thanks, I used it in a research report to colour specific districts. Very useful!

    Saurabh Gupta

  18. madeep says :

    Dude planemad incredible work and i respect your work and public domain releases. I am looking for district level maps for an ngo to show their offices on a map on their website i am sure ur data will be of great help , keep up the good work man.

  19. Nilay Bala says :

    First of all thanks for the wonderful map. I had a small querry. How do we select individual districts & shade them? Is dat possible? Do I need to learn ADOBE for dat?

    Nilay Bala

  20. Rohan says :

    Thanks a million. It’s because of people like you that the Web is such a great place.

  21. Susheel Chandradhas says :

    @planemad I knew all your map work would be useful to me at some point of time. I just downloaded the PDF version.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

  22. Susheel Chandradhas says :

    P.S. used for an NGO, if it was commercial, I’d have made a contribution.

  23. Sreeraj Nair says :

    The agony is over. Visit for free GIS ARCGIS shapefile data (Outline, Road etc) download for India.

    Sreeraj(Oct 2009)

  24. shibalee says :

    could you let me know which projection you used to create the raster and the vector maps?

  25. Upendra says :


    you have done a great work.Kindly let me know how to convert this into a WMF map where I can color each and every district using a simple VBA program.
    Thanks in advance

  26. S.Ravi says :

    Dear Sir,
    We have a requirement for an India map with all the States and Districts and provision to color the districts based on data. We have searched in many places but have not been able to get this kind of a map.
    We saw the pdf map and really like it. We would like to get the map as an interactive map where we can color the districts.
    We would like to know if you have such a map and would be grateful if you can share it with us.
    Thanx and regards,

  27. P. K. MAJUMDAR says :

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your great effort. I am looking for outline of different states of india, which if kept side by side makes a complete map of india. I want to make a puzzle game for my grand childrens.

    Thank you again



  28. sekhar says :

    Great Work. Thanks a lot.

  29. Deepa Raj says :

    Hey, I’m working on a GIS project at Christian Medical College, Vellore. I came across your site while trying to find free digitized vector maps of Tamil Nadu/Andhra Pradesh, that show district details. I know your page says that district boundaries are accurate from 2001, but how does that work? Does the vector map need to be downloaded and then the district lines show up, or that is something that needs to be found separately? I’m not really that familiar with computers so I apologize if these questions are answered on your page and I just didn’t fully understand, but I’d appreciate any help you could give me, and thanks for your time!

  30. michael says :


  31. Pradeep Bhat says :

    Thanks a lot for sharing this info

  32. Samay says :

    when the people supposed to do their work fail to do it, people like you take the responsibility (challenge i should say) to serve the purpose!! bravo.

  33. ruchi says :

    thanks a lot! very good work! 🙂

  34. ruchi says :

    and im helping adivasi kids with their ‘formal’ education! so some love from them! 🙂

  35. Shrimant says :

    Thanks Arun, this is just what I needed. What else are you working on?

  36. JK says :

    Hi Arun nice work,

    Can you please let me know how to convert this map to shape file.

  37. Sameer P says :

    Thanks a lot man.. you’ve saved us all a lot of work.. 🙂

  38. Roshan says :

    As much as I am constantly disappointed by NIC, I have to say they did a pretty decent job with the GIS maps based on census data. After a whole day scanning maps at the libraary, someone felt sorry for me and gave me this link:

    Now I can finally tell mapsofindia to go to hell. Also, thanks for the vector bitterscotch. Nice job.

  39. Gautam says :

    This is very thoughtful. Thank you very much.

  40. Merrin says :

    I’ve used this vector map to create the visualization in my blog post(

    Thanks so much.

  41. Hindu Temple says :

    i am using this map in web site for national presence

  42. Sagar says :

    great website thanks for sharing this map.

  43. Siddharth Mohanty says :

    Thank you!

  44. g2-d4b678c517ab22e4a811a7b2711e3af8 says :

    Thanks a lot for this initiative; helped me a lot in my project

  45. Sai Technologies says :

    thanx for sharing this images.. as a designer it is helpful to me a lot.. good collections

  46. Kyp says :

    Doing a documentary for an NGO–no way we can afford to use Google Maps (too bad) since they make you buy $400 software to get usage permission! But your map lets us at least show where our work happens in India; now, if we could only zoom in on specific states, and districts within states. This all ought to be in the public domain; YOU are a pioneer. Keep up the open-hearted, generous, serviceful work!
    By the way–if anone knows where I can find a good public domain map of Kerala, and more specifically middle Kerala, say from Kochi down to Kollam or Thiruvananthapuram, I’d love to know about it!

  47. Rajat Gupta says :

    NIC a band of jokers …LOL the best phrase in this article.

  48. Ganesh says :

    Wow this is amazing. Thanks so much! I dig the philosophy. Lets keep the ball rolling!

  49. Forrest says :

    Hard to believe how hard it is to find this kind of data for India… Thanks for making it available

  50. Rajesh Sahoo says :

    How can i get latitude and longitudes based on vector map? I want latitudes and longitudes of all state boundry points.

  51. somesh says :

    well , i too have been searching for a free vector map of india down to atleast district level and this is fantastic.after this is georegistered, this can be resend as a geopdf. also the attribute data does not show the state nor the district. easily done though manually.
    also the wiki project per se.
    all the vector info is in svg. and converting that to a shp file( defacto standard for a gis file along with a projection and coord sys) will really help move it to a useful arena faster.
    not withstanding all this , thanks once again.

  52. Telugu Online News says :

    Good work.. nice posts.. keep posting i am following your blog everyday

  53. hiteshagja says :

    Guy has made lot of effort to create this MAP. Highly Appreciated. If any body want any country/state map then please visit

  54. Shantanu says :

    Thanks a ton mate!

  55. Cmc says :

    When I try to save this it comes as a PDF. Is there anyway of downloading this as a vector file?

  56. Jerry says :

    I want to get the eps data from your India Map, but the download link doesn’t work?! How can I get it?

  57. Sreeja Phirose says :

    Hi, Wondering if an updated vector file as of 2014 is there. I’m looking to show the client outreach of my organisation on a map. Could someone tell me the best way to go about this? If there’s any software that’s available free/ at a cost that can be used easily to show the data.

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