Chennai gets a spanking new website

The new website of the Corporation of Chennai has not only caught me off guard, but left me gaping in awe. This could very well be the best designed corporation website in the country beating Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and even the country’s IT capital Bangalore in terms of visual design. There was no way i would have ever expected this from the CoC. Even more surprising is the footer which reads “© 2008 Corporation of Chennai” and not some 3rd rate web developer. Surely this cant have been done by the in house IT unit in the Ripon building, no way in hell.

chennai ripon building

Apart from stealing my photo off wikipedia, i have no complaints with their work, whoever it was. Now lets hope they keep it updated and make it more informative. This is a great start, and hopefully signs of things to come for this city.

I think the corporation has been doing some really commendable things of late and they deserve praise for that. I have always wanted to meet a ward councillor and see how much they really care about the city and its residents. So one of these weekends, Im planning to go to my corp zone office and see how receptive they are to my idea to have detailed neighbourhood maps at bus stops. Or if anyone knows a councillor personally, do let me know.

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24 responses to “Chennai gets a spanking new website”

  1. Dilip P says :

    Site not loading now after all the hype you gave… I’ll check it out in sometime…

  2. Dynesh says :

    I remember you saying neighbourhood maps were too much work 🙂 So will these maps be detailed layouts? Will they have additional information about the locality?

  3. Dynesh says :

    And yes the website isn’t loading.

  4. Amog says :

    Wohuwo. Fancy!

    Must be an April fool gag from MK.

  5. Sagaro says :

    I like the link at the bottom to the rights to info act… it has all the details. Nice!

  6. Sagaro says :

    Pretty painful. They have used CSS but very minimal for font color and stuff. Still the layout is governed by tags… sheesh. Maybe the web developer wasn’t that modern yet…

  7. Navneeth says :

    Thanks for the link. It’s not quite the same as the standards we are used to, much better, in fact.

    And I see they also have a photo at the top, to ward off evil bots. 😀

    P.S.: How did you manage to get that shot of the Rippon Building?? Nice one, btw.

  8. lemonade says :

    not bad for good ‘ol madras, no?
    missed u at the blogger meet, was hoping to meet the founder of the great chennai photo quizzes!

  9. Dinesh says :

    Thanks for the link…….
    indeed the website looks good.
    They could have also had an option of the language,
    English \ Tamil.

    The Rippon building, the pic taken by you, is really cool.

  10. The Pseudonym says :

    hey how did u manage shooting the ripon bldg. it is off limits. if u got permission to shoot will u be kind enough to share your source.

  11. Gayatri Bhadran says :

    i love chennai. i love chennai! *jumps up and down* =P

  12. Sriram says :

    The site really is brilliant!!

  13. planemad says :

    The maps will be from openstreetmap

    Do you know about Stalin’s website? He even has a blog

    True, but its still impressive

    Easy, go in, shoot pics. The corporation office is actually a very friendly place to be unlike other government offices. their politeness has left me stunned on quite a few occaisions.

    meeting me isnt all that difficult. you would have already seen me roaming the roads a couple of times 😛

  14. planemad says :

    thanks 🙂

    @The Pseudonym
    Dude, its not off limits. I have even dozed of on their lawn one afternoon.

    @Gayatri Bhadran
    you arent alone 🙂

    Design wise yeah, but content wise, no!

  15. Bharath Gandhi says :

    This is really amazing to see a government site look so nice. Though there is still much to do, it’s a nice start… Thanks for the post

  16. planemad says :

    Yep, and i paid the guys a visit and complimented them on the design. Apparently it was done by elcot.

  17. hatsoffforu says :

    Amazing Photography,i have to say.And ur work being stolen:-) is real bad.But then,
    100 me se 99 beiman(cheaters),but still mera bharat mahan.

    I never knew that you were a hardcore chennaite.Ur tweets suggested someone who s new and trying to come to terms with it,like me(though m here for 5 years,bt still struggling to like this place)

  18. Игорь says :

    Читал про это в Википедии. Вообще конечно интересная тема.

  19. Олег says :

    Спасибо вам огромное за возможность оставлять комментарии на этой странице!

  20. TalpSpepay says :

    Очень понравилось, даже не ожидала.

  21. insisiohak says :

    а вот вопросик можно? У вас время после поста указано. Это московское? Заранее спасибо!

  22. teedaReagO says :

    Классная статья, кстати автору хочу предложить установить от яндекс.денег фишку на сайт “Дай рубль”. Я бы дал, так сказать на поддержание.

  23. clisse says :

    Отличный пост, прочитав несколько статей на эту тему понял, что всё таки не посмотрел с другой стороны, а пост как-то очень заинтересовал.

  24. Yon Venzke says :

    would love to constantly get updated great blog ! .

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