Gearing up for Madras Day

The city seems to be celebrating its birthday with style this year. If you were to take a glance at the list of events that have been planned for an entire week from 17th to 24th August (See Event List), you know that this is one week you definitely wont be sitting at home watching tamil soaps. The enthusiasm with which people have embraced this city is simply outstanding and i wonder if any other city in the world has such a culture to boast of.

chennai central station

chennai central station

One can feel the intellectual energy of the youth here, quite different from the partying crowds of Bombay and Bangalore. Here people want to make a difference to society and life, and are slowly doing it. With a little more organisation, we can easily create a revolution if we wanted to. Living in this city for three years, i can say that my life has been entirely transformed by the people i have come across and the experiences that i have had here.

This blog was supposed to document this transformation, and i know that i have failed miserably at that. There is so much to write about, my hostel life, my college life, my city life, my private life. From unusual experiences to strange adventures, i have more stories than i could wish to remember. Someday i hope that that the blog will ultimately catch up with my life.

And this is a good opportunity to revive the photoquiz, i’ll be posting a photo a day during Madras week starting on the 17th of August.

And good friends Chandru and Sharanya are organising a couple of events themselves, check it out on their blogs.

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5 responses to “Gearing up for Madras Day”

  1. Sharanya Manivannan says :

    Arun! I know you can’t possibly have exams seven nights in a row. So I look forward to you coming — and reading. Email me, please?

  2. clocks says :

    Hmmmm.. i totally agree with you on a lot of things there. It is nice to see a lot of people taking keen interests in the city.

    Stories of your life? really?!! i’m sure that would make intertesting read!
    I know what i have to look out for now!

  3. planemad says :

    I’ll definitely drop by

    yep, i must write the stuff down before i start forgetting

  4. Dynesh says :

    It’s interesting that the concept of celebrating the city’s founding didn’t really take off until a few years ago. Until then, S Muthiah used to be a lone voice, but it’s heartening to see so many people joining in. Madras was and is a great city.

  5. planemad says :

    yeap, there arei see so many young and enthusiastic people in the city these days who want to do their bit for the society. There still seems to be hope for the future

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