Chennai photo quiz 25


And as promised, a photo a day for Madras Week.  All the answers at the end of the week. so keep guessing and discussing. Starting off with an easy one 🙂

Name the person this building was built for?


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7 responses to “Chennai photo quiz 25”

  1. InWantOfBeingMe says :

    A section of Rippon building on the same road as chennai central. Maybe. The building was named after the then governor Lord Rippon.

  2. planemad says :

    oh shame 😛

  3. Navneeth says :

    A section of the Chepauk Palace.

    Details of historic interest can be found here. 🙂

  4. R.Shantaram says :

    Nawab of Arcot… it is the Chepauk palace, isn’t it?

  5. ptcbus says :

    I lived in Chennai for almost 23 years and had never ever never ever seen the Chepauk palace (even in picture). Thanks to you Navneeth for sharing a picture of it.. It is beautiful…..

  6. RamN says :

    Aamir Mahal …. i guess

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