Chennai photo quiz 28


where am i standing?


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9 responses to “Chennai photo quiz 28”

  1. clocks says :

    on the way to ennore?

  2. Navaneethan Santhanam says :

    If you take Rajaji Salai to where it naturally curves left, and follow it (on what becomes NSC Bose Road) past Stanley Medical and keep going straight over the bridge, you’ll reach the GMR factory. Correct?

  3. RamN says :

    Basin Bridge …… facing the GMR Power

  4. Amrutha says :

    yes, basin bridge I think…or maybe the Mint Bridge….but just a guess. Am terrible at Madras geography…

  5. R.Shantaram says :

    I thought it looked like Basin Bridge, so I’ll go with that. Where the old Royapuram bridge leads to.

  6. Roop Rai says :

    on a dangerous curve ;p

  7. planemad says :

    Basin bridge power house it is

  8. Jagadish says :

    awsume shot mahn ! bcam a fan of ur works !
    feel like m n chennai ! 😀

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