Painting Schmidt

Vinod Sidarthan, a Kerlaite staying here has decided to take it upon himself to give a new lease of life to the gloomy, crumbling monument on Bessie beach that doubles up as a pee target and a crack haven in the dark (I’ll admit to peeing on it too, on one occasion) by giving it a fresh coat of paint.The only thing missing would be some illumination and a sign to the nearest public toilet to restore the beauty and smell of this neglected structure.

From sources, i hear that half the job is half done and the remaining will be done tomorrow starting 6am. Gives me a great reason to get up early, catch up with the guys playing ultimate frisbee and watch the beach sunrise in addition to lending a hand to restore the respect that Mr Kaj Schmidt deserves. And for those of you not in the know, he was a dutch sailor who lost his life while trying to save another off the coast.

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9 responses to “Painting Schmidt”

  1. Shillika says :

    A dutch sailor? hmm.. wish to congratulate all those who art to be part of the venture started to protect the monument.

  2. planemad says :

    this isnt some heroic deed, its just social participation

  3. Ramanujam says :

    This is nice to hear!

    And u peed in there….Waah!! Was it from the top of the gym on the benchpress?!?!?

  4. Karthik H says :


    That was gapp and me!

  5. planemad says :

    I peed on the memorial, not the gym 😛

    Maybe its time you washed away your sin (pun intended) 😀

  6. sid says :

    Please drop in at Bessie beach and help us clean the beach. We need your help.

  7. Sri says :

    Thats a gr8 job done!Sad that I am not in chennai…I adore this place and never peed!
    In singapore I have seen ppl kissing in public not pissing
    Wishing to see to a clean chennai !!!

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