Chennai city corporation zone and ward map

NOTE: As of October 2011, the Chennai Corporation area has expanded beyond the boundaries shown on this map. All the existing wards and zones have been reorganized for the October 2011 local body elections. For updated information, check the Chennai Corporation website (if it works)

Its just amazing the amount of gaping wide holes you find in the infromation that is made available to the public by our govt agencies. The lowest level of governance happens to be the civic agencies and the public is provided absolutely no information on how to approach them.

The city of Chennai is divided into 155 divisions or wards in 10 zones. All the civic works in an area is carried out from the ward office of the ward it falls in. In this office sits the councillor that you elected(or in most cases, you didnt bother to vote at all) who is supposed to listen to your grievances, the junior engineer who manages all the work and a host of other people who are paid tax money to walk along the corridors, drink tea and do nothing particularly productive. Why? because no one knows where the godamn office is! Why, people dont even know what division they belong to, the constituency, councillor, mla or even if they are within chennai city or not. Its really not a surprise that our cities are in the sad state that they are in, there just isnt anyone who tries to find out if the people who are supposed to be working for us even exists. And to top it all we groan about problems day in day out blaming the people in charge(but we dont know who they are or even bother to find out). I’m not really sure who’s to blame here.

chennai city corporation zone and ward boundary map

chennai city corporation zone and ward boundary map

As a first step i thought i would make a corporation ward map to help one locate the division you fall in.The funny thing is that the corporation themselves dont have a map with such detail. They rely on some badly drawn cad maps which are not even to scale, and they are charged 700 bucks by the cad agency each time they want a print. Talk about money going down an unsilted drain.

The map was made with data that i mined from the maps released in the cmda masterplan documents. I have sent a copy to the corporation to put it up on their website, but i havent got a response yet. Till then you can get it here 🙂

Btw the OSM project has been creating quite a buzz after my session at barcamp. Check out the Chennai project page and join in on the mapping. I’ll have my presentation up soon.


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31 responses to “Chennai city corporation zone and ward map”

  1. Dilip Muralidaran says :

    Nice work mate. I love what you are doing here.

  2. Hariprasath Manivannan says :

    Excellent work mate. Your efforts are inspiring. Hats off to you!

  3. Dynesh says :

    Great work. That list of wards you’ve got up suggests that the Taluk boundaries overlap some of the zones. If so, that’s a pity because it adds to the confusion, where one person living in one zone has to register proprty at one taluk office but another person living in the same zone registers at a different office. Any chance you might map out the taluks in chennai?

  4. Vyaas says :

    keep up the good work…

  5. Sridhar says :

    First: Thanks for the info.
    Second: I go thru the same emotions when people around me complain whats not there in India. The lesser I think about them, the better for me. Ofcourse, I have been victim of the same corrupt folks – but I dare to overcome that, looking at opptys to help.

  6. Dynesh says :

    And as an aside, I remember going past the Adayar zonal office at the Lattice Bridge Road/Sardar Patel Road junction many times with friends and asking them if they knew that building was. No one knew…a real pity. I remember that even the Onyx rubbish bins were serialised according to the zone they were placed in.

    Btw is zone 10 adayar or mylapore? This map says the latter while your map on wiki says adayar. Pretty sure it’s adayar.

  7. planemad says :

    thanks dilip, hari, aswin, dynesh, vyaas and sridhar 😀

    yep the different jurisdictions are a mess. i had made a taluk and contituency map, ill put it up soon. And yea, zone X is adyar, thanks 🙂

  8. Navneeth says :

    This is something that really needs to be spammed.

  9. Dynesh says :

    Found your taluk map on wiki (administration of chennai page). I am a bit confused because the taluk names are a bit different to the ones in your other wiki map (the one on the list of wards page).

    PS – you must have seen the tnmaps website? Their maps aren’t as good as yours, but they’re quite reasonable. Even have a ward map.

  10. planemad says :

    sure is 🙂

    ive updated that map, check

    and yep, the tnmaps site is pretty useful

  11. Vincent D Souza says :

    Hi Arun
    Be at this nice work.
    Just to get the facts right abt Zone 10 – it is called the Mylapore zone officially and covers a major part of the Mylapore neighbourhood and of Adyar.
    If you need any inputs on Zone 10 from us or from the state bodies please let me know. . .

  12. Rajan says :

    That, fantastic man!!

  13. Teresa says :

    The ward map of Chennai was very interesting / informative. Would you be interested in mapping NGOs, blind schools, charitable hospitals and other such institutions in Adyar (wards 151 and 152)? Need help with this.

  14. S.B.Ramamurti says :

    Please advise the e.mail address of The Commissioner Corporation of Chennai and the Revenue Officer of Professional Tax matters. Thanks

  15. S.B.Ramamurti says :

    Please advise the e.mail address of The Commissioner,Corporation of Chennai and the Revenue Officer dealing Professional Tax Matters.Thanking you

  16. S.Bakthavathsalan says :

    Please furnish the c0rrect mobile number of the Asst.Engineer( Office and-Official-Personal )in charge of roads (office in 5 furlong road, Guindy IX Saidapet Zone.Also the mobile number of the Hon’ble Mayor may be furnished.

  17. cheryn says :

    good work indeed man,,,

    one thing, i can do is for this initiative is my help, if u r organising any group… count on me..


  18. Dwarak says :

    Good job pal!!
    I appreciate your work.

  19. kennedy Rajan says :

    Great job done

  20. Katie says :

    I need to find a MAP of Chennai wards just like this one, but one I can import into ArcGIS. Does anyone have any ideas?

  21. Vikram says :

    Great job mate!

  22. Revathy says :

    i need ward no.69,70 & 72 can any one help me…….

  23. Jithu says :

    good work dude… really helpful

  24. G. RANGARAJAN says :

    Last year, several areas were merged with Chennai Corporation. I would like to know the Ward No. and Zone No. of the following address:

    CHENNAI 600097

    Kindly advise early as I want to pay property tax on line

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    Surely agree with just what you said. Your elucidation was surely the simplest to comprehend. I tell you, I frequently grow irritated any time individuals converse concerns that these folks noticeably don’t know about. You were able to hit the nail on the head and spelled out the whole thing with out complication. Perhaps, persons could take a signal. Will likely be back to acquire more. Appreciate it.

  26. Allan says :

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    Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My site looks weird
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  27. Chandran Krishnan Peechulli says :

    Asstt. Revenue Officer /Zone 13. Near Adyar Signal. L.B.Road, Chennai-600020.
    Sub: Property Tax enhanced discriminately, illogically. Abuse of powers.
    Dear Sirs,
    This has acknowledgement to your long-awaited R.T.I. letter Reply, Yr.Ref:Z.o.XIII.R.D.C.No.R6/182/14 Letter dated by you as 25th April 2014, arranged to be posted by Registered Post with Ack. Due, at Tiruvanmiyur P.O. under Receipt No. B RT 278935426IN,only on the 28th April 2014 at 1413 hrs. ,which was delivered to me, the following next day 29th April 2014(this morning) at 1116 hrs.
    This letter of yours, after taking cool long time, and never answering the information sought by my R.T.I. letter dated 8th February 2014, submitted in the presence of the A.C. Zone XIII, nor a reasonable answer for the discriminately enhanced house- tax, which clearly indicates that you have made to please someone else, and victimize me, for the reported land grabs below my flat in M15 Block and as well as in the open common-land, belonging to Navabharat Colony in Kalakshetra Colony.
    Primarily you have cunningly and wickedly, not quoted any of my letter references on the subject nor of the instances, i.e. your higher-ups, seen by me on this regard( i.e. Mr.Vinay,IAS the DC(R&F), AC Zone XIII, Dr. R. Anandakumar, IAS, Jt.Commr. with Office at Zone 13 Bldg.,on the First Floor, who forwarded my petition to you, *asking me to bear the delay, owing to the Parliamentary Elections. Though all of them assured, that my case will be looked into fairly, your letter to hand is quite disappointing. Even despite calling on you and your Assessor, on your request and my signifying the proforma filled particulars, with my remarks thereon over discussion held. Unfair means applied to reply the RTI letter abruptly. Which establishes your high-handedness, and of the loopholes and procedural irregularities prevalent in the system, to abuse of powers.
    Though information asked, as per “R.T.I. Act 2005”, (RTI letter dated 8th February 2014), submitted in the presence of the A.C. Zone XIII, you have not shown an iota of concern to act seriously, for the public office held by you, to be committed and responsible, to send a fair and reasonable reply, deliberately omitting the queries made, while expected you to reply by 30 day’s time, besides my RTI letter shouldn’t have also taken you to surprise, as the matter was heard by you earlier and you were continuing to take it in a lighter vein, making matters worse, for me to send a letter under RTI Act 2005. Please do not force me to take further steps. Hence, hope to have a reply to the RTI Letter by a fortnight’s time and oblige.

    • Sheetal says :

      The ward number for T Nagar where Jeeva park and Natesan Park is located doesn’t match to what is mentioned in Chennai Corporation. It has been given 126 while it is actually 136.Need to cross verify.
      The map is good, but please check with above mentioned point.

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