after a much needed break to bangalore and trivandrum. I thought i’d resume my online activities once my exams are over, but thanks to the rains my last paper has been pushed back by another 20 days and so has my vacation.

Thank you rains, now if only you would wash Anna University away by a few kilometers east, there would be much rejoicing for a few hundred thousands students whose answer papers would be fed upon by the starved fish of the bay of bengal.

In the meantime, i’m finally going through the mails accumulated in my inbox and replying to those that need replying and bin-ning those from madam veronica and her gang of relatives from the ivory coast and neighbouring states. Im having a case of reply blues so expect me to take another couple of days till i get back to form.

And twitter has been the best thing that has happened in my life (right after parachute advansed coconut oil), now i have a wonderful way to stay occupied and unproductive at the same time. Bye bye boredom.

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7 responses to “Back..”

  1. Dynesh says :

    Nice to see you back. Hope the rain gods listen to you 🙂

    Madame Veronica and her Nigerian, Cameroonian (etc as required) cousins are a pain are they not?

  2. planemad says :

    Thanks Dynesh. Btw, im working on something just for you 🙂

  3. Dynesh says :

    You’ve piqued my curiosity now 🙂 Will wait..

  4. Dynesh says :

    Btw saw your post on twitter about SimCity 4. Are you a fan? I grew up playing those games…SC4’s transport model is as good as anything in my textbook 🙂

  5. Shivasubramanian A says :

    So when’s the next Chennai photo quiz?

  6. planemad says :

    yep, a hardcore one, but only till i master it 😛

    Soon. It acted as a great filler between my other posts, but now i have a few things that will take priority. will throw in a couple of photos in between to keep everyone happy 😀

  7. Vatsala says :

    The rain god and the Controller of Examinations, Anna University have a not so secret pact to ensure that students have a whale of a time msging each other in the name of group study. only thing, you have picnics outside the house. I have seen this happen ever since i started studying in a god forsaken self financing college in september 2004.

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