Free detailed Chennai Divisions map

And more map goodies that you cannot find anywhere else on the net. The one thing that i love about being a wikipedia contributor is the research and net digging you do for the topics you write on and subsequently the knowledge that you gain from the process. I’ve always been confused by the different agencies and units that i’ve come across for managing the city, so after a year of collecting data from various sources, i have finally managed to piece the puzzle together. This is an extension of my previous work with the chennai corporation map . If you have ever wondered how the city of Chennai was divided, here is the answer in one simple graphic, ok three.

Chennai District Civic, Administrative and Revenue divisions map

Chennai District Civic, Administrative and Revenue divisions map

Its ok if you are confused, so is the government, and the government doesnt even have such a map to help them out 😛 Look closely and the 10 corporation zonal offices and the 5 taluk offices are also marked, but ive yet to verify the locations. Appreciate any help with that.

Im still cleaning up the list that goes with the numbered map, everything including sources should be up on wikipedia soon. Work licensed under CCbySA3

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13 responses to “Free detailed Chennai Divisions map”

  1. Dynesh says :

    Christmas has come early 🙂 That is simply beautiful work. Will add it to my growing ‘PlaneMad’ folder.

    I’d agree that the government doesn’t even know how these different divisions work. The crucial one is the taluk, because that decides where you register property – everything else is the civic division’s responsibility I think.

    As an aside, I wonder how many government agencies keep to these boundaries. The 600 post code extends well beyond the district as does the 044 dialling code…

    The Adayar Zonal Office is in the right place…Will try and remember where the others are..

  2. planemad says :

    you have a planemad folder? im honoured 😀

    from what ive seen everyone’s drawn up their own boundaries in a very adhoc manner, mostly because they arent aware of existing divisions. and the reson for that is the govt agencies still dont use proper maps to this day, its all in text.

    hence, confused agencies and an even more confused public

  3. Sekhar says :

    I think the maps will have to be revised now that Chennai has expanded into Kanchipuram and Tiruvallur districts.

  4. Ram kumar says :

    That seems good. Do you have the individual versions of these maps? I require them for project purpose

  5. planemad says :

    the expansion is still in the planning stage. it will be a while before the maps need to be revised 🙂

    @ram kumar
    you could as well cut them up in mspaint. let me know if you want me to mail you individual ones

  6. Vincent D Souza says :

    Nice work on the maps. Assume youve taken into account the reorganisation of the Parliamentary and Assembly constituencies . . . Cheers

  7. Mahima says :

    Hey, thanks for the maps. Useful. Can I find revenue maps for a particular area eg. Adyar?

  8. seenivasan says :

    is there any chennai detailed map with colony, area boundaries.

  9. rumpy says :

    Hi there, this is extremely useful…Keep up the good work..I was wondering on what basis are a couple of wards taken together to form a zone? It is not bases on population density (i’m sure about that) as within one zone there are wards of different population densities. Could you clarify please?? Thanks!

  10. tenzin says :

    please, anyone help me for getting adyar district map ….i’m very much needed particularly,the map if possible then shape of the adyar jurisdiction,currently i’m doing my project ….so i need help from you …i’ll be grateful to you if you could provide me a map…

  11. tenzin says :

    please do help me ….adyar district map …if possible with shapefile of the adyar district map… can email me on ( thanks

  12. Carrie says :

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