hah, id actually forgotten that i even had a blog. i’m in my final sem of engineering and ive been vacationing big time, so much so that i think i need a break from my vacation.

for all those who havent been following my twitter updates, ive had quite a few things happening around me lately. whenever i think i should write about it, something new pops up and me todo list only gets bigger. its about time i started pruning that list and finished off all my pending tasks. a whole bunch of emails and comments that need replying will be attacked first. incase i havent followed up your mail within the next 2 days, i’d appreciate a reminder since ive lost track of it all and more 🙂

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7 responses to “ping”

  1. Dynesh says :

    The final sem? Now you’ll have all those project distractions too…good luck 🙂

    Just wondering, I heard that the metro is going to to Thiruvottiyur now. Are you planning to update the map or is it unconfirmed as yet?

    If it is going there, it would make sense to take it up to the railway station and create an interchange..

    • planemad says :

      well actually, all sorts of other things are distracting me from my project 😛

      i had the opportunity to speak with an architect involved in the project and from what i understand, an extension is being looked into and a study is underway, nothing confirmed as yet. even if it did, im sure it would be along thirovottriyur high road which which means there isnt much of a chance that it would touch the suburban line

  2. Dynesh says :

    It would be a great pity if it didn’t go to the suburban station. It is such an obvious opportunity for an interchange. My main worry about this project is simply that it isn’t ambitious enough.

    I remember making my up own metro map when I was there, simply by travelling around and connecting the dots, as it were. Not the most scientific approach 🙂 but it wasn’t a world away from what they came up with. Their ideas are good but frankly they don’t go far enough. It needs to be part of larger urban renewal ideas.

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  5. daythizasty says :

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