Thank god for the community

This particular post (and a revival of my blog) was probably long overdue. It has been one of my biggest regrets not writing about what i’ve been through, learnt and experienced in the past one year. Ever since i embarked on the Chennai bus route mapping project and my subsequent dive into OpenStreetMaps, things have been a bit of a roller coaster for me. Its my mapping work that has got me where i am today, a postgraduate seat in Information Design at National Institute of Design Bangalore, a rare opportunity for someone with absolutely no professional work experience.

I’ve had a ball of a time during my 4 years in Chennai, where i promptly put my electronics engineering course at SVCE in the backburner while following my real interest in trying to set up an information system to aid people using Chennai’s buses and trains. The numerous days that i spent running around the Chennai Corporation’s EDP cell, Bus Route Road department and the rundown offices of the MTC and SETC trying to make sense of the public transportation system and hunting for information that did not exist.

But thank god that even though we have a government system with huge voids and roadblocks, there’s a community that exists and can make the difference if we want to. Those numerous days that i spent running around and my greased up collar from the Chennai sweat did not go to waste. Maybe i’ve not reached where i wanted to go yet, but what i have gone through has only made me aim higher.

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