So the sea speaks

Possibly one of those most relaxing things you could do in Chennai is to head to marina beach, clear away some plastic from the sand and park your bottom next to a catamaran for a few hours in the evening. Sitting alone in the beach and listening to the waves is somehow very soothing, ive done that numerous times, even attempting to prepare for my sem exams there because i was too distracted at home. Maybe its the fact that you can see upto the horizon, and in some metaphorical way, makes you far sighted, allowing you to see beyond the boundaries one is used to in the city.

I have always thought of the sea being this one mighty being that humans have still not tamed. Disturb it slightly, and it swallows 200,000 people in a *ploosh*. So it was quite interesting for me to see my good friend Shillika’s attempt at communicating with the sea by tossing in a bunch of alphabets and seeing what the sea spelt out. Definitely quite a novel attempt which you can see in this short movie that was subsequently made.

What i find most interesting is how we seem to perceive the planet as some frail being that is being destroyed by us. The beachgoers in the video guess that the sea would spell out words like “help” “enough” and other sos-y stuff. But to be quite honest, isnt it us humans thats crying for help?

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