Enroute to Ladakh

My travel plan for the summer, from Coorg to Kashmir

After dillydallying between the Northeast, Utarranchal+Nepal and Sikkim+Bhutan, i finally decided on Ladakh. It was initially supposed to be just me and my two roomates from NID backpacking all the way, but seeing the lucrative destinations on offer, the gang has now grown to seven with two girls thrown in.

My initial budget estimate was 5k end to end, but now my roomate who is sitting in Delhi tells me he’s booked some super luxury volvo bus to manali costing a bomb. If things go this way, i dont think i’ll be left with anything to pay rent next month. Guess there wont be much backpacking after all 😐

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7 responses to “Enroute to Ladakh”

  1. Sudhira says :

    Have a fantastic time! I am already envying your itinerary 😉

  2. Yuvi says :

    Have fun, and then some more 🙂

  3. I,Me,Myself says :

    So how was your trip? 🙂

  4. Tej says :

    Just came across your blog via the stunning Chennai metro map. Love your maps dude.

  5. Tej says :

    I just noticed that PoK and Aksai chin are missing in this map of India.

  6. Shrinidhi Hande says :

    looks exciting, why no updates to the blog after that?

  7. Thejesh GN says :

    interesting. I just did almost similar trip on motor cycle. Good luck.

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