Chennai Urban Area Landuse Map

Chennai Urban Area Landuse Map

One of the artifacts of my experiments with Tilemill and some data cleaning and reclassification I was doing on the Chennai Openstreetmap data.

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6 responses to “Chennai Urban Area Landuse Map”

  1. ravages says :

    So does this mean that Mount Road/Egmore is still “downtown”? I thought it had moved to places like Tiruvanmiyur.

    • planemad says :

      It does seems so, from the large tracts of continuous commercial spaces. The data for the map is not complete, but other parts of the city have more of mixed commercial/residential spaces.

      Downtown is still clearly Egmore-Anna Salai-T Nagar belt.

  2. Navaneethan says :

    Nice map, is there a legend available?

    • planemad says :

      You will just need to guess the colors haha 🙂 I’ll have a legend in the final version as i’m still playing with the color palette.

  3. john says :

    Do you know where I can get a contour map of Chennai?

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