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after a much needed break to bangalore and trivandrum. I thought i’d resume my online activities once my exams are over, but thanks to the rains my last paper has been pushed back by another 20 days and so has my vacation.

Thank you rains, now if only you would wash Anna University away by a few kilometers east, there would be much rejoicing for a few hundred thousands students whose answer papers would be fed upon by the starved fish of the bay of bengal.

In the meantime, i’m finally going through the mails accumulated in my inbox and replying to those that need replying and bin-ning those from madam veronica and her gang of relatives from the ivory coast and neighbouring states. Im having a case of reply blues so expect me to take another couple of days till i get back to form.

And twitter has been the best thing that has happened in my life (right after parachute advansed coconut oil), now i have a wonderful way to stay occupied and unproductive at the same time. Bye bye boredom.

The bogged blog curve

bloggers have a life too. sometimes
Its a shame, really.

Holidays, the lean blogging season

Im not sure why exactly, but during the hols you really dont feel like doing much, at least you dont feel like doing the stuff that you were upto during the normal days, and this includes blogging as well.

Its been 6 days into my vacation and ive made sure to keep myself busy the entire day travelling someplace new in the city and keep myself away from the comp, and so far its going great. More so, because ive even had company on all my crazy city loitering sessions. Anyone who says that Chennai is dead, must be having rocks up his head. This city is yours to enjoy, only if you are ready to step out of the confines of your home.

SPOTLIGHTS!! PlaneMad is here

Okay, i might have given the blogging bandwagon a pass, a couple of years back. But that’s cause i thought I’d do something noble, like contribute to the worlds largest on-line community project. Thus was born User:PlaneMad. Three years later, i realised that i was giving up sleep for the sake of sharing information with the world. I knew i was going mad. I was like an  addict who needed rehab. Maybe blogging can distract me?