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In the arrear hole

Arrears – every anna university engineering student’s worst enemy. They decide to attack when you least expect, cling onto your marksheets like leeches, sometimes semesters at a stretch, sucking those precious marks off the aggregate which already lies below rock bottom. But worst of all is when they start multiplying like rabbits and your hall tickets turn into multi page documents, draining what little confidence you had in yourself and leaving your parents wondering if all those “my son is really intelligent, so engineering was the natural choice” at all those family parties was maybe a wee bit of exaggeration.

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Im going to write a book..

.. and its going to be titled Punishing your son by making him join an Indian engineering college

I think i hear a few sadistic parents knocking on my door already..


So this is it, starting today, i have finally begun preparing for the upcoming semester exams. I fear it maybe a bit too late however, for the festivities begin in 4 days and everyone else i know seems to be awaiting the test of wits with much enthusiasm, organising study parties and other allied activities.

After much postponing, i finally decided that the only way for me to have a crack at my 1000+ page books would be to get away from home, away from the ac, bed and the pc. I think of a suitable getaway and decide on nageswara rao park in mylapore, but later switch to the beach instead as i missed the stop and the bus was headed there anyway.

I take a stroll to the seafront from the bus stop, the weather is pleasant, with a stiff wind and a merciful sun. There’s been a sea ingress, and i go closer to take a look at the unusual scene.

Moving on in search of shelter, i zero in on the shady side of a fishing boat, a tough task given that most of them are refuges for chennai’s desperate romeos and their equally desperate other halfs, looking to get some mild afternoon action.

The breeze is cool and the sand is mildly damp, the waves crash softly, much to the pleasure of the schoolboys who enjoy a session of skinny dipping. I buy a 5buck pack of kadalais to keep my jaws busy..

Err maybe i should just get back to studying now 😛
Will be heading out to the marina again tomorrow, i managed to get more into my head than i hoped for. And shall also be refraining from pc activities for the next 25 days. These exams just might decide my future.

Through my eyes at 3:11pm 3/11/2007

 I was still undecided on wether to skip my test at college or take a photo instead, for the 3:11pm campaign . In the end i managed to do both, only because someone told me “you dont have the balls”


Looks like i do 😀 

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deja vu

Im using my DSP text book, 1200 pages thick, as a stand for my plate of hot bhajjis. Its raining outside, courtesy of the NE monsoon. I have an exam tomorrow, thanks to Anna University. And i cant study for it because i dont know where to start. I wish it rains.

Wheee, I V

The plans for our class Industrial Visit has finally been, well finalised! Dont let the name mislead you, its just a trick to get permission from the parents into sending their sons off to places like Bangalore and Pondicherry, places very much preferred by college guys for a variety of reasons that i shall not disclose here.

permission from parents please..

The permissions slips were handed out in class today and after giving myself permission, returned it. I get this incriminating look, something i get when i talk to a girl. “Signed by your parents” he says, “and return it tomorrow”. I contemplate faxing the piece of paper to Tampa for approval, a 20 year old guy asking permission to go 100kms from parents 20000kms away. I’ll lead my own life, thank you.
The plan is to reach the IBM-Lenovo complex  by 11am and take a 2 hour tour, after that its all upto us. The bad part is that we got to wear formals, so we are all set to make a style statement by frolicking at Pondy beach with formal clothing and maybe the girls in saree. Should be able to capture some nice pics 🙂

Im looking forward to the trip for two reasons:

1) Pictures! Mostly for blackmail purposes, hehe

2) There are a few pranks lined up, but the execution depends on the situation. Maybe i can get my class girls to reveal their deep dark secrets and hidden pasts. Oh wait, i dont think i want to hear that.

I beleive we will have roughly 4 hours free over there, we have been told that staying overnight has been prohibited, following this, a set has already decided not to come. Lets see how tomorrow turns out.

I hope it rains


My mock practical examinations have been scheduled for tomorrow, not one but both on the same day. The problem however, is not about studying for them, which is out of the question anyway, but the status of my records and observation notes, which will be up for review when i give my exam.

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PlaneMad’s tutorial: How to impress you peers in 8 easy steps

Step 1: Find an eyecatching semiprofessional animation video on youtube or other video sharing websites
Step 2: Rip the video using this site

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PlaneMad’s travel guide: How to reach SVCE, for late risers

 chennai schematic map sri venkateswara college of engg

Being a late riser by nature, the biggest mistake i ever did was probably joining Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering. The college is located so far away from Chennai that quite often students find themselves taking a trip down to Bangalore for a quick drink on those really boring days.

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I had got a call on Friday evening from a girl in the Sankhya team (My college’s math symposium) to design a banner for them.This wasnt a problem, but for the deadline being next day morning. As it is, i was already involved in work for my own department’s sympo – ‘Panorama’. So i told her that id give it a shot, but to have a backup just in case.

I found myself free later in the night, so i thought id do the work. Stupid thing i did was forgetting to ask the specs of the design, and at 1am was too late to call her up now. So anyway i settle on a vertical orientation andwrapped up an hour later, satisfied with the end result.

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