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PlaneMad’s tutorial: How to impress you peers in 8 easy steps

Step 1: Find an eyecatching semiprofessional animation video on youtube or other video sharing websites
Step 2: Rip the video using this site

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PlaneMad’s travel guide: How to reach SVCE, for late risers

 chennai schematic map sri venkateswara college of engg

Being a late riser by nature, the biggest mistake i ever did was probably joining Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering. The college is located so far away from Chennai that quite often students find themselves taking a trip down to Bangalore for a quick drink on those really boring days.

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I had got a call on Friday evening from a girl in the Sankhya team (My college’s math symposium) to design a banner for them.This wasnt a problem, but for the deadline being next day morning. As it is, i was already involved in work for my own department’s sympo – ‘Panorama’. So i told her that id give it a shot, but to have a backup just in case.

I found myself free later in the night, so i thought id do the work. Stupid thing i did was forgetting to ask the specs of the design, and at 1am was too late to call her up now. So anyway i settle on a vertical orientation andwrapped up an hour later, satisfied with the end result.

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College brain fest and the poster boy

Its that time of the year in my college when all the third year students suddenly feel important and responsible. Im talking about the department symposiums. A prestigious event that takes place once a year, organised by the third years’, dirty work done by the sophomores, ridiculed by the final years’ and barred of freshers. Every student awaits this chance to prove himself and get some recognition to rid himself of that stubborn loser tag.
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Ordeal – Chapter 4 – Stepping stones towards success

0830: The bus rattles into the filthy suburb of Poonamallee, proudly advertised at the town’s enterance as a “third grade municipality”.  It takes 15 minutes to cover the 2km cratered road to the bus terminus. Finally, i step down into some slush which the municipality has provided in place of sidewalks. I guess this was done keeping in mind that the majority of the residents were bovine creatures. For the humanfolk however, stone slabs were placed at regular intervals. This means the human pedestrian has three options: 1)Walk through a cocktail of dung+mud+urine+rainwater 2)Hop from one stone to another like an acrobat or 3)Get runover by an infinitely long line of buses.

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Ordeal – Chapter 3 – Conned by a schoolgirl

She conned me

I was now a man on a mission. I had decided to overcome every obstacle god would throw on my path to college. This is of-course not to be mistaken as dedication towards my college or studies, but a love for challenges in which the odds are stacked against me. Just because fate shot me in the balls four times in a row within a span of 30 minutes doesnt mean i’m going let the forces dictate my life.

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Ordeal – Chapter 2 – The Gods must be crazy

Heres the deal. I got 35km to cover within 1.5 hours if i gotta make it in time for class. Now if you’re wondering why its such a big deal, its because i live in India where road space is shared between vehicles having various number of wheels and hooves.

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