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PlaneMad’s guide on how to get your friend into a soup


unknown number on cell at 10pm

me: um hello?
hello is this planemad? (name changed to protect identity)
me: yeah
this is x’s dad
me: uh, ok?
where are you?
me: besant nagar…
is x with you?
me: (uh oh, trouble) ummmm
me: mmmm
me: no
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Chennai’s share autos

After a marathon movie watching session at my friends place yesterday night, i was worried about getting back home today. I had asked a bus conductor and he had told me that there would’nt be any bus services due to the bandh.

picture of a share autorickshaw in chennai

So while i am waiting for an auto at thirumangalam, checking my wallet if i have 300 bucks that the bloodsucker is sure to demand, i notice a regular movement share autos, the mutated cousins of the regular auto, but just a bit bigger and capable of seating thrice its own capacity. On closer inspection, the board at the windshield said dms or t nagar.

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PlaneMad’s tutorial: How to impress you peers in 8 easy steps

Step 1: Find an eyecatching semiprofessional animation video on youtube or other video sharing websites
Step 2: Rip the video using this site

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PlaneMad’s travel guide: How to reach SVCE, for late risers

 chennai schematic map sri venkateswara college of engg

Being a late riser by nature, the biggest mistake i ever did was probably joining Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering. The college is located so far away from Chennai that quite often students find themselves taking a trip down to Bangalore for a quick drink on those really boring days.

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