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Take the madrasi test

saary ba, ennaku engilis puriyadhu

So you been living in Chennai for long? You think you deserve to be called a Madrasi? Are you fluent with the madras lingo?

Take the Test of Tamil as a foreign language (TOTFL) to find out. 

And if you’re new to Chennai, you can use the wikipedia guide on the madras baashai as a reference.

So, Bazarlai ushara illaina nijara kalatidu vaanga 😛


How to walk on water

if you want to walk on water just like jesus christ did, then you could give it a try

Not the most elegant technique, but everyone isnt Jesus Christ are they.

The desi portion

We all have done it, either when the wallet is wearing thin or when cabbage soup is the only starter on the menu . The infamous one by two serving, for indians only.

pic credit: unknown

Chennai’s answer to the 3 foot sub

Even Godzilla has been spelt in Indian.

Why indian products dont sell

With labelling like these, its no wonder

Makkad Man

Its a tough job being a superhero in India. Makkad man finds that out the hard way.

Family circus

Thats fourteen feet on two wheels, only in my country.

Photo credits:Times of India

The land of true freedom

Yes, over here, cows get to fly too.

Photo credits: Unknown