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Back to life. again

College reopened 4 weeks back. Tomorrow is my fist day. Same old life, same old boredom, same old free time. Its been 70 days since i left it all. It somehow feels good to be back.

I’m alive

but suffering from acute laziness. Im taking a healthy dose of time to mend the situation

A full plate

I’ve not been doing much lately, other than charting the course of my future. I find that, as my present self i am a nobody on this planet, well okay, maybe a somebody that hardly anyone cares about, which essentially means i’m no more important than a paan stain on a sowcarpet wall.

Ive got plans all right, maybe a little too haughty to be realisable in reality, at least according to the reaction of my friends. Luckily my parents have still not had the ‘future’ talk with me yet, maybe its got something to do with the fact they are still distracted by bikini clad women scampering around in florida.

Everyone else i know seems to be busy, GRE, CAT or some other acronym i could care less about, cause im not going to be sucked into doing something millions of others are going to do just because millions of others are doing it, surely there are better options that’s sitting right under my nose that I’ve been trained to ignore, thanks to a society that shuns taking any sort of risk.

I want to make it big, but i don’t want to work my ass off. Now to take some time off from my record writing, place my ass on the bean bag, and find the solution.

Oh and i’m off to Bangalore for my industrial visit, so i hope to resume the photo quiz when i get back, coming monday 🙂