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Chennai Rail Map – Updated

I’m bored of twiddling my thumbs.

The Chennai metro project seems to be making some progress. Why, they even have a half baked website up and running. Even more interesting is the presence of a logo, and it looks suspicously like the work of a dropout student from Andal Alagar Institute of Contemporary Design.

The only thing useful in the site is the Project Brief Document (Download PDF), which has a good amount of interesting information and is worth a read. The rest of the site is plain shite, right from the poorly edited image of a Deutsche Bahn train to the 2 photos of MuKa Stalin staring into the ceiling all the way in Tokyo.

Atleast with the release of official data, i could finally finish my chennai rail map, which should be quite useful, especially since their version resembles like cat puke.

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Chennai mrts, metro and suburban railway map

Since it hasnt been done before, here it is – Chennai in the future with the proposed metro lines 🙂

Updated 9 April 2008
Map of the proposed rail network in Chennai

Old version
Map of the Chennai metro, chennai mrts and the chennai suburban railway network

More on the:

Also of interest could be this google map mashup.

Now that i got that off my mind, back to studying DSP , aargh 😦

The Chennai Metro Rail – Its finally coming

chennai metro - still a long wait
Chennai will soon get a real metro, and it hopefully wont go the mrts way

As of this afternoon, its official – Chennai has got approval for its own Metro Railway on the lines of that in New Delhi. Personally, its been a long wait for this news. Chennai was the only city that took so long to finalise its plans for the metro, with Mumbai and Hyderabad in advanced stages of planning, and Bangolore already started with the construction.

The project is estimated to cost around 10,000 crores which is similiar to the cost incurred by Delhi metro for its first phase (65km) , against 45km proposed for Chennai. I suspect that the higher cost is due to the longer underground sections here, as the road widths make it difficult to construct elevated lines on the median like what was done in Delhi.

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