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Living in troubled times

From the papers, its evident that world is facing a drought of good news. Now, thanks to some idiots who wanted to prove a point that didnt exist, the city is not as free as it once used to be. Its a shame that the one thing i love so much about living here is slowly disappearing. I can no longer walk around with my camera in hand without being looked at suspiciously or stopped. Who knows, maybe all this fear might make things safer, or it wont. But i do hope that the day will return when i can take a climb up the high court and enjoy the breathtaking view of Madras when im feeling bored at home.

Madras most famous landmark. I still havent seen a complete photograph of it

Madras' most famous landmark. I still havent seen a complete photograph of it

One thing i have always wanted to do was take a full facade photograph of central station from the General Hospital across the road. This, along with many other things that i have wanted to do and have done, may never be possible again.

This photo was taken after a reluctant nod from an inspector outside Central, November 30th 2008.

Things looking up for the city? slightly

With a garbage crisis looming over the city after Neeel Metal Fanalca’s poor performance since taking over garbage clearance from Onyx, and choked roads almost everywhere due to never ending construction projects like flyovers and the MRTS, the people of Chennai deserve some good news.

I noticed quite a few positive announcements in the city the past few days:

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The fight over the bridge

  nasa image of the ram sethu or adams bridge or whatever you wanna call it

Who would have thought the Adams bridge, a seemingly harmless shoal formation between Danushkodi and Mannar could become the centre of a nationwide controversy, thanks to its inclusion in our mythological tales by some really good storytellers millions of years ago. Cant blame them really, cmon with no TV or internet porn, you gotta come up with some really believable stories to shut the kids.

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