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Nooo, Orkut is closing down!!!

yes its true,  looks like the infidel bots have done even google in this time. The bot accounts, those irritating ones that keep posting crap in you scrapbook have taken up so many names that only 57 are left, meaning that orkut was only designed for the current 40million users or .006% of the worlds population. Whats worse is that the overpaid smart guys down at mountain view dont know how to differentiate between a bot and a human account.

But thankfully the director of orkut, Ms Diana, has a great idea up her pants.

Is it the curtains for Orkut?

Its not too long now before the headlines start screaming “Orkut used for murder”. Even as i type, Indian media channels have begun their discussions and viewer polls on how online social networking sites have become a menace. The reason for all this hungama happens to be the murder of a 16 year old Mumbai boy, Adnan Patrawala.

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