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Living in troubled times

From the papers, its evident that world is facing a drought of good news. Now, thanks to some idiots who wanted to prove a point that didnt exist, the city is not as free as it once used to be. Its a shame that the one thing i love so much about living here is slowly disappearing. I can no longer walk around with my camera in hand without being looked at suspiciously or stopped. Who knows, maybe all this fear might make things safer, or it wont. But i do hope that the day will return when i can take a climb up the high court and enjoy the breathtaking view of Madras when im feeling bored at home.

Madras most famous landmark. I still havent seen a complete photograph of it

Madras' most famous landmark. I still havent seen a complete photograph of it

One thing i have always wanted to do was take a full facade photograph of central station from the General Hospital across the road. This, along with many other things that i have wanted to do and have done, may never be possible again.

This photo was taken after a reluctant nod from an inspector outside Central, November 30th 2008.


From the high point of Madras

aerial view of parrys sowcarpet and georgetown

Madras Panorama

From what was once the tallest structure in the city.

I came to Broadway to buy a bus guide for the chennai bus map project. I didnt get the guide, i found a hidden gem instead.

Sometimes i wish i could share all my experiences, but then i realise i might as well let others discover the city Ā themselves. And im lazy to write too šŸ™‚

Chennai photo quiz #6

idli doas vadai

#5 was a tough one, yet it got answered, still havent been able to stump you guys with anything šŸ˜¦

This sign look familiar?where would you find it?

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Chennai photo quiz #5

its obviously a chennai park, and its hidden from the public eye

#4Ā was onceĀ again,Ā aĀ lotĀ easierĀ thanĀ iĀ had imagined. Im going to make things really challenging, so will even be cutting out any clues from the photos.

This place is absolutely wonderful and peaceful, save fo a snake that came out of the bushes and chased me. What is this place called?

More...Ā Answer celacaw once again shocked me with the right anwer, which i was sure no one would get. It is the Adyar Eco Creek Park, which is under development at MRC Nagar. Although construction is expected to take another two years, an exhibition and a small park has been set up which is quite impressive.

adayar poonga exhibitionĀ 

TheĀ plansĀ forĀ theĀ parkĀ itselfĀ areĀ quiteĀ ambitiousĀ andĀ canĀ onlyĀ makeĀ youĀ dream. Lets hope this goes through, would be just beautiful.

masterplan map of the adayar eco creek park on the adayar river backwaterĀ 

Chennai photo quiz #4

#3Ā doesntĀ seemĀ toĀ beĀ gettingĀ toĀ manyĀ responses,Ā soĀ illĀ goĀ aheadĀ withĀ theĀ nextĀ one.

ThisĀ poorĀ guyĀ seemsĀ toĀ haveĀ beenĀ placedĀ intoĀ aĀ notĀ soĀ attractiveĀ spot.Ā Who isĀ heĀ andĀ whatĀ isĀ heĀ doingĀ there?Ā 

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Chennai photo quiz #3

#2 was answered within 10 minutes of putting it up, so im forced to put up a slightly more difficult one this time.

You would need to know a bit of chennai’s geography to get this one right. You can see 3 parallel road like features, name them (from left to right), and also the locality.

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