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The weekend i never slept

god bless the mtc
Well not entirely true, but numerous “firsts” took place this particular weekend.

1) Slept a total of 10 hours in two nights
2) Got mugged, sort of
3) Flirted with an unknown girl
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Capturing that elusive flash of light

As a big fan of weather photography, i have always been fascinated by those lightning photographs. Those blue veins of god reaching down to touch the earth have always eluded my camera sensor for the past 5 years. The current downpour lashing the city gave me a good chance to try my luck once again.


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Rooftop attack


Came back from college today evening all tired and grimy after the long commute, only to find the computer taken over by my sis. Damn, no music to relax to. Even the television was in control of my servant, enjoying some dabba sun tv movie, remote fiercely clutched in her hands. Clearly there was no TV for me anytime soon. I rack my brains for something to do and decide to exhaust what little energy i have left, on my terrace.

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