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Going public

You reach a point when you can no longer remain anonymous. What im going to do, will eventually change a lot of things for me. PlaneMad is Arun Ganesh. If you see it somewhere, let it ring a bell.

Why cloning shouldnt be allowed

cloning yourself may not be such a swell idea, just think what paris hilton would do

now just think, if all those were paris hiltons..

MOAC – Mother of all cockroaches

What looked like a leaf as i stepped out of the elevator, on second looks nearly gave me a panic attack. At 9cm im sure this rascal is the great grandmama of all the roaches in the world. respects

UPDATE!!! After a little netvestigation, the Giant_burrowing_cockroach seems to be the biggest roach measuring 8cm. This means that my little discovery and this photograph is evidence enough to counter the claim. This baby is over 8cm in length from head to toe the little pointy thing at the back and could very well be the biggest cockroach species. It shall henceforth be known as the giant planeroach, in my honour of course.

PlaneMad hits the national magazine

Aerial view of the Adams bridge. Taken during my flight from Chennai to Colombo

Aerial view of the Adams bridge. Taken during my flight from Chennai to Colombo

Yes, yes, calm down. Nothing sensational, just that this month’s issue of frontline carries the name PlaneMad.

I found out that my pic a pic taken by me was used in  last weeks’s cover story on the ram sethu. I have seen my pics and maps used plenty of times but mostly for presentations, research etc. But was a little peeved to have the country’s national magazine (or so they claim) take a photo off wikipedia and just use it in their article without so much as informing the author, or even crediting me, after all the magazine is not some charity organisation who have to depend on contributions from good hearted souls.

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The fight over the bridge

  nasa image of the ram sethu or adams bridge or whatever you wanna call it

Who would have thought the Adams bridge, a seemingly harmless shoal formation between Danushkodi and Mannar could become the centre of a nationwide controversy, thanks to its inclusion in our mythological tales by some really good storytellers millions of years ago. Cant blame them really, cmon with no TV or internet porn, you gotta come up with some really believable stories to shut the kids.

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