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Neighbour trouble

Yep, they’ve installed a firewall. How do i know? cause i’ve been on their wifi till 10 days ago. now to go to the sucky bsnl office and get myself a wireless router, bleh ūüė¶

In the arrear hole

Arrears – every anna university engineering student’s worst enemy. They decide to attack when you least expect, cling onto your marksheets like leeches, sometimes semesters at a stretch, sucking those precious marks off the aggregate which already lies below rock bottom. But worst of all is when they start multiplying like rabbits and your hall tickets turn into multi page documents, draining what little confidence you had in yourself and leaving your parents wondering if all those “my son is really intelligent, so engineering was the natural choice” at all those family parties was maybe a wee bit of exaggeration.

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Im going to write a book..

.. and its going to be titled Punishing your son by making him join an Indian engineering college

I think i hear a few sadistic parents knocking on my door already..

PlaneMad’s guide on how to get your friend into a soup


unknown number on cell at 10pm

me: um hello?
hello is this planemad? (name changed to protect identity)
me: yeah
this is x’s dad
me: uh, ok?
where are you?
me: besant nagar…
is x with you?
me: (uh oh, trouble) ummmm
me: mmmm
me: no
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deja vu

Im using my DSP text book, 1200 pages thick, as a stand for my plate of hot bhajjis. Its raining outside, courtesy of the NE monsoon. I have an exam tomorrow, thanks to Anna University. And i cant study for it because i dont know where to start. I wish it rains.

DCamp Bangalore

D Camp, a design and ux related unconference, is being held at Bangalore next weekend, on September 16. As a hobbyist graphic designer, such a design event sounds quite tasty. Getting one of my creatively challenged friends to accompany me to the event, however proved to be a difficult task.

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I hope it rains


My mock practical examinations have been scheduled for tomorrow, not one but both on the same day. The problem however, is not about studying for them, which is out of the question anyway, but the status of my records and observation notes, which will be up for review when i give my exam.

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Rooftop attack


Came back from college today evening all tired and grimy after the long commute, only to find the computer taken over by my sis. Damn, no music to relax to. Even the television was in control of my servant, enjoying some dabba sun tv movie, remote fiercely clutched in her hands. Clearly there was no TV for me anytime soon. I rack my brains for something to do and decide to exhaust what little energy i have left, on my terrace.

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I had got a call on Friday evening from a girl in the Sankhya team (My college’s math symposium) to design a banner for them.This wasnt a problem, but for the deadline being next day morning. As it is, i was already involved in work for my own department’s sympo – ‘Panorama’. So i told her that id give it a shot, but to have a backup just in case.

I found myself free later in the night, so i thought id do the work. Stupid thing i did was forgetting to ask the specs of the design, and at 1am was too late to call her up now. So anyway i settle on a vertical orientation andwrapped up an hour later, satisfied with the end result.

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Ordeal – Chapter 4 – Stepping stones towards success

0830: The bus rattles into the filthy suburb of Poonamallee, proudly advertised at the town’s enterance¬†as¬†a¬†“third¬†grade¬†municipality”.¬† It takes 15 minutes to cover the 2km cratered road to the bus terminus. Finally, i step down into some slush which the municipality has provided in place of sidewalks. I guess this was done keeping in mind that the majority of the residents were bovine creatures. For the humanfolk however, stone slabs were placed at regular intervals. This means the human pedestrian has three options: 1)Walk through a cocktail of dung+mud+urine+rainwater 2)Hop from one stone to another¬†like¬†an¬†acrobat or 3)Get runover by an infinitely long line of buses.

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