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The rains have hit

The Friday jog upto the alwarpet bus stop at 0520 was a little uncomfortable, the air seemed stationary, like someone had turned off the fan and had a good amount of humidity. Sure signs of a thunderstorm brewing somewhere. The bus showed up bang on time 5 minutes later to take me to santhome, the church looking beautiful in the blue morning glow.

santhome bascillica

Another 5 minute jog and im at the marina beach, a stiff wind is blowing in from the sea now. A small group already warming up for a game of ultimate. I drop my bag in the pile and join in for a pregame catch and throw session. Now my throws generally suck, but thanks to the strong wind that i had to throw against, i couldnt manage a single half decent wobbly throw. Each time, the disc is brutally diverted of its course and sends the runner into a frantic sprint to salvage it before it runs off into the main road.
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Chennai ultimate moves to the marina

 schmidt memorial at besant nagar at dawn
Besant Nagar beach, the usual home of chennai ultimate

Tomorrows ultimate game is going to be played at the marina beach, next to the light house. This makes it much easier for me to reach, than besant nagar where it is usually held.

I had my first try with ultimate, last week, after the third ifix, where me jump and gapp headed straight to the beach without a wink of sleep. The game is quite strenuous, and playing it after staying awake for over 24hours was extremely tiring, so i had to call it quits half way through my game. However, the short session enabled me to learn the basic rules and was a lot of fun, with bosky giving me company in the newbie category.

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