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Lessons from the New Tamil Nadu government text books

Woo! Found two of my photographs included in the new Tamil Nadu school geography textbooks. They have been conveniently taken from my uploads to wikipedia (click pic for details). Too bad that the usage is illegal though, as it breaks the cc-by-sa license and does not credit the author. Public school text books with unlicensed photographs from the internet, good job Government of Tamil Nadu  (well, what do you know, the tidel park pic shows up on the TN govt website carousel as well) 🙂

I cant help but feel disappointed with quality of the textbooks, I guess thats the price you pay by cutting costs and doling out freebies.


  • Making the books accessible online in PDF format for free.
  • Audio enabled textbooks for the visually impaired


  • Optimizing text for least size and not for interestingness. Make way for more kids who really dont know what they are learning and why.
  • Poor choice of images, illustrations, typography and layout. Have any of these guys seen the quality of books elsewhere in the world?
  • Lack of references or suggestions for further reading. If you cant explain a concept properly, atleast tell him where he can find a good explanation!

I feel sorry for the kids getting half baked education from these texts. It neither creates any interest in the subject nor promotes inquiry and discussion. It was for this reason that I hated school.