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Chennai photo quiz 29


where will you find it?

And happy birthday Chennai! This week has been one of the best ever, specially the Madras Musings lectures, each one of them was absolutely fantastic 🙂

Chennai photo quiz 28


where am i standing?

Chennai photo quiz 27


Where would you find it?

Chennai photo quiz 26


although an interesting strucure from the outside, this one remains largely empty inside.

who is the man in gold?

Chennai photo quiz 25


And as promised, a photo a day for Madras Week.  All the answers at the end of the week. so keep guessing and discussing. Starting off with an easy one 🙂

Name the person this building was built for?

Chennai photo quiz 24


York Street, Chennai on google doesnt show up anything positive. Proove google wrong?

And by the way, this is actually a guest post from NavneethC, so quite obviously Ravages is barred 😛

Do check out navneeth’s flickr album for some super pics from the Chennai photowalk.