Capturing that elusive flash of light

As a big fan of weather photography, i have always been fascinated by those lightning photographs. Those blue veins of god reaching down to touch the earth have always eluded my camera sensor for the past 5 years. The current downpour lashing the city gave me a good chance to try my luck once again.


My hard work finally paid off. Not exactly NatGeo quality, but what the hell. And the building that you see is the new IT park, acropolis on cathedral road, ouch.

a closer look

And thats the idiot who tried to photograph lightning from the safety of his open terrace.

the ass of chennai

It was pretty scary being up there, not knowing if the next strike would be on your head. Also had a tough time protecting the cam lens from the heavy rain and wind. I spent an hour getting drenched, however the wait was worth it, and nature had put up a spectacular show.

the abandoned balaji seven star hotel on mount road

And yeah, got my camera working again 😀

exif info:

File change date and time: 2007:08:29 22:55:53
Image description:
Image input equipment manufacturer: SONY
Image input equipment model: DSC-W5
Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows
Exposure time: 30
F number: 5.6
Exposure program: 1
ISO speed rating: 100
Exposure bias: 0
Maximum lens aperture: 3
Metering mode: 5
Light source: 0
Flash: 16
Lens focal length: 7.9

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16 responses to “Capturing that elusive flash of light”

  1. Wascally Wabbit says :

    Nice pic… You took this with your (masculine) Sony Camera???

  2. planemad says :

    thanks and yea i did. now you know why its a guy camera.

  3. Suraksha says :

    the bolts look sexed out! 😀 and you look dementoid! 😛

  4. Vaish says :

    🙂 nice pic 🙂

    which by the by reminds me…
    Ashvita’s 4th annual Photography and short film competition.

    for more details

  5. Create&Destroy says :

    Super pic dude ! some patience you have there.
    Ok few simple questions:

    1. Which model camera is it ? W
    2. What megapix config ?
    3. what time of the day was it ?
    4. psst..psst…from which site did you rip this pic? 😉

    No hard feelings, qostin 4 was just an attempt to chide 🙂

  6. Sagaro says :

    It is not guy camera,… it is gay camera. 😛

  7. planemad says :

    thanks all for the compliments.

    im scarier in person

    thanks for that link, will check it out

    wahey! im no longer a tag virgin

  8. planemad says :

    ive updated with the exif info. its 5mp btw

    tch tch, cheap attempt at humour 😛
    Btw i noticed you’ve given up on blogging, have you gotten a girlfriend? no wait that cant be it.

  9. Suraksha says :

    i just saw you today. =) there’s an interesting story behind that! and i must say, simpsonized you is tres accurate! 😛

    Btw i noticed you’ve given up on blogging, have you gotten a girlfriend? no wait that cant be it.
    you probably want to re-do that. *hint hint* 😛

  10. planemad says :

    yea? why didnt you poke me in the back and say hi?

    Interesting story? tell tell

  11. Suraksha says :

    yea? why didnt you poke me in the back and say hi?
    that’s cos of interesting story, which shouldn’t really be broadcasted over public forum! 😛

  12. planemad says :

    This is getting juicy 😀 something scandalous i presume? a video tape? a nasty picture? 😛

  13. Suraksha says :

    cha! what sensationalists we’re all! 😛 sadly, nothing scandalous, wonly hugely hilarious! 🙂

  14. Sagaro says :

    Given up on blogging??? I posted something like 26 posts in August… that is an average of 6 posts a week…

    Funny you think that is giving up on blogging… what you expect 10 posts a day?

  15. planemad says :

    naa, twas the unusual silence for a couple of days that led me to the conclusion

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