Holidays, the lean blogging season

Im not sure why exactly, but during the hols you really dont feel like doing much, at least you dont feel like doing the stuff that you were upto during the normal days, and this includes blogging as well.

Its been 6 days into my vacation and ive made sure to keep myself busy the entire day travelling someplace new in the city and keep myself away from the comp, and so far its going great. More so, because ive even had company on all my crazy city loitering sessions. Anyone who says that Chennai is dead, must be having rocks up his head. This city is yours to enjoy, only if you are ready to step out of the confines of your home.

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8 responses to “Holidays, the lean blogging season”

  1. Navaneethan Santhanam says :

    I can’t wait to come back and do the same!

  2. Navaneethan Santhanam says :

    The past few holidays, when I’ve been lucky enough to visit Chennai, my friends and I usually drive around the city at night, past 12. It’s a great way to see it.

  3. sethu says :

    how do u ppl keep urself busy……im totally bored at home….and moreover i donno wat to do other than playin football in the evinin and watch matches in the weekend… of the time im totally bored and im sittin infront of the PC…..and jus orkuttin or simply browsin….so damn borin…

  4. Karthik says :

    I totally agree with you planemad. Vacations have made sure that blogging takes a hit. Dunno why…. I asked a senior of mine and he said it’s because we don’t have anything to crib about….maybe true….

    and yea hols are pretty boring…

  5. Marc says :

    Holidays are boring for people who love college!

    If you hate your college as much as I do, you’ll want holidays to go on forever. There’s so much to do. Catching up on sleep, movies, computer games…

  6. sethu says :

    Even i dont like college much….of course we njoy it due to our friends…..the weekend hols rockzz big time….but a month of holidays is bugging …. that too after a busy schedule of exams where we touch our books for the first time and we hv to make sure we pass out…so when ur so damn busy and suddenly ur left totally free u donno wat to do…..thats my case here!!

  7. sethu says :

    and btw planedmad change the abve pic da….that i hate exams one…..its all done comeup with some new one!!

  8. planemad says :

    totally, im loving the hols 😀

    banner change, yea mate, once MY exams are done 😦

    And im thinking of starting a chennai picture quiz. i want to see how well you guys know the city.

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