Ultimate frisbee exhibition match at Elliots Beach – 27 Sept


Continuing my obsession with elliots beach – theres an interesting event thats being organised by my friends at CUF. They are planning to hold an evening exhibition match to promote the game among the public here. A nice initiative which will probably get more fitness freaks into the game. Now watching a game of ultimate is not half as fun as playing it, but this saturday evening i’m definitely not going to miss photographing a beach sunset game that is going to be played with a glowing disc chased by a bunch of flying players.

Date: Saturday, 27th September, 2008
Venue: Beasant Nagar Beach
Time: 1730 Hr

More Details..

Its been more than a year since i played ultimate, and all this fanfare makes me makes me miss it. The 5am jog to the bus stop, sunrise from the sea, sweating till your soaking wet, taking bath in tender coconut water and indulging in murugan idly kadai. Sometimes life just doesnt give you enough time.

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2 responses to “Ultimate frisbee exhibition match at Elliots Beach – 27 Sept”

  1. Vasanthan says :

    i am coming to Chennai on the 28th only. would you be holding any more of this exhibition games in the coming weeks. i wanna gather some promises that i will come, but just in case.

  2. lemon says :

    loving the new look!

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