Diwali of gloom

People can call me an old granny, but i’m sick of it. The litter, the smoke, the sound, burn accidents. Is this what Diwali is all about? Firecrackers isnt part of tradition by any means, and its been doing more damage than good.

Chennai is right now one huge gas chamber with air filled with a nice mix of things your lungs arent particularly fond of.  People are going to suffer for their actions tonight and hopefully they will blame themselves and not nature for their breathing difficulties. Boycott the fireworks, you might as well donate that money to a charity and light up someones life instead.

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6 responses to “Diwali of gloom”

  1. Dynesh says :

    You’re certainly not an old granny 🙂

    I do remember that that the trend of bursting fireworks was going down over the past few years. I, like many people, stopped a long time ago for many reasons – It wasn’t just the child labour issues or the pollution, it was also the fact that I ended up feeling there was more to celebrate and better ways to do it. I hope the trend continues. I remember how the pets at home used to cower and hide during Diwali…

    Ironically, from an aesthetic point of view, that is a lovely photograph. You’ve captured the haze and the light really well. And what is the modern symbol of chennai if not tv and phone cables hanging off roofs?

  2. srini says :

    hi arun
    there is a scientific reason for bursting crackers on diwali
    last year i wrote about it in my blog
    u can read the post in the following url


    but actually we are having too much smoke which is doing more harm than the good for which it was intended to


  3. arvind says :

    I have stopped firing crackers..ITs no more interests me ..
    Its very different to stop people from using them unless they realize it themselves ..
    Apart from air pollution ,noise pollution is even more annoying..
    A crack lives near my house who keeps 2-3 10000 wallas continuously . can u imagine ..??

  4. Jollyroger says :

    I was wondering the same thing as I saw the litter from all the crackers littering the street and the smog that dropped visibility to a few meters.

    Good post!

  5. pr3rna says :

    This year the air was not as polluted as it is generally on Diwali night in Delhi. I am not sure if it was due to the bad market conditions or people have became saner.

  6. planemad says :

    Thanks 🙂 i’ll compare the view to one with a normal night soon.

    Maybe, but its warding off the humans too now

    ouch. someone needs to chain that guy in a room with his little noisemaker and make him cry.

    yep, an absolute mess. the roads are full of burnt paper. they should force people who burst crackers to clean up their own mess.

    Its got a lot to do with the weather too. An unusual cold mist trapped all the smoke resulting in suffocating smog

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