Chennai photo quiz 29


where will you find it?

And happy birthday Chennai! This week has been one of the best ever, specially the Madras Musings lectures, each one of them was absolutely fantastic 🙂


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11 responses to “Chennai photo quiz 29”

  1. R.Shantaram says :

    Belated Madras Day greetings! I have no idea, so I shall say ‘Elephant Gate’! 😀

  2. Dilip P says :

    I’m guessing its the temple at periyar evr road, P.H road… I think it’s a iskcon temple or something.. but as i said, its just a guess.

  3. Dynesh says :

    Speaking of Birthdays, seemed to have missed yours last week. Belated wishes.

  4. Navneeth says :

    I suppose no tree can hide these things from you. 🙂

    This can be found at the south-western corner of the Ripon Buildings campus.

  5. planemad says :

    Damn, i thought i finally beat you guys 😛

  6. Navneeth says :

    Well, you did, actually. My reply was way too late. In fact, I saw this for the first time I was making my way to Central Station on the evening of the 4th. 🙂

  7. Navneeth says :

    …WHEN I was making my way to Central Station.

  8. planemad says :

    ah, close. i forgot what this little monument was for though

  9. freak says :

    whats the answer for this pic man?

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