Living in troubled times

From the papers, its evident that world is facing a drought of good news. Now, thanks to some idiots who wanted to prove a point that didnt exist, the city is not as free as it once used to be. Its a shame that the one thing i love so much about living here is slowly disappearing. I can no longer walk around with my camera in hand without being looked at suspiciously or stopped. Who knows, maybe all this fear might make things safer, or it wont. But i do hope that the day will return when i can take a climb up the high court and enjoy the breathtaking view of Madras when im feeling bored at home.

Madras most famous landmark. I still havent seen a complete photograph of it

Madras' most famous landmark. I still havent seen a complete photograph of it

One thing i have always wanted to do was take a full facade photograph of central station from the General Hospital across the road. This, along with many other things that i have wanted to do and have done, may never be possible again.

This photo was taken after a reluctant nod from an inspector outside Central, November 30th 2008.


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10 responses to “Living in troubled times”

  1. flowergirl says :

    Beautiful picture!

    Yes, I also mourn the loss of personal freedom…

  2. Dynesh says :

    Nice picture. The Railway Police were always grumpy about taking photos at train stations anyway and now after Mumbai, anyone with a camera is potentially a terrorist.

    The thing I hate most about situations like this is that the Police’s only reaction is to curb personal freedom, thus doing the terrorists’ work for them. I know the Intelligence of the police in India isn’t exactly world famous, but still you hope they’d realise that stopping someone from taking a picture of Central Station isn’t going to stop a terrorist attack – It’s not as if they can’t buy platform tickets and have a wee walkabout inside. Next time they’ll ban platform tickets. We might as well stop travelling in case that gets banned too.

    I’m ranting I know, but it just makes me so very angry that the state seems to get its priorities wrong. You don’t keep a country safe by taking its citizens prisoner.

  3. Alagu says :

    This is one sucky thing. Last time I was at IISc, trying to take a full frontal photo, and one of the security caught me.

    Was quite embarrassing, but managed to take a decent pic. Hope they recognize the difference.

    • planemad says :


      actually, they already suspended the sale of platform tickets. but like everything else, i guess things will slowly be forgotten and return to normal

      its such a shame to curb photography of all things. if the govt cant preserve the actual buildings, we might as well be allowed to keep memories of it

  4. Sandeep says :

    Nice pic, yeah as you said, we are living in the edge. Lets hope that all this nonsense will come to and end

  5. Jass says :

    Nice shot arun!
    It would certainly be nice to shoot one from the Govt hospital or atleast top of the flyover. I think you if you know someone who is studying at MMC , final year or something should do the trick.

  6. planemad says :


    i doubt if i’ll go to such lengths for a picture. It would certainly seem very shady if someone found out 😛

  7. shills says :

    climb the high court?! hahahah.. you thought 10 times, ran around for permission for about 20 minutes and started the ascent when i was on my way down!

  8. planemad says :

    very funny, you just went to the terrace 😛

  9. Jagadish says :

    wow…! good shot…..

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