I hope it rains


My mock practical examinations have been scheduled for tomorrow, not one but both on the same day. The problem however, is not about studying for them, which is out of the question anyway, but the status of my records and observation notes, which will be up for review when i give my exam.

After two months of persistent laziness, i discover that my lab record book, which should have 15 experiments and signatures in its index, is non existent, and my observation note is a puzzle of random algorithms and empty pages in between. In short, tomorrow, i am doomed.

As i enjoy some hot bhajjis and listen to the rain pounding the city outside, a cool breeze drifts by, kindling evil thoughts in my head. I hope the rain keeps up, then the only way to reach the campus would be by boat and that means a good chance that exams will be postponed, something which has happened before.

Currently i am in no mood to study, although even if i was, i could’nt. And as i write, the rain keeps coming down harder, which is a good thing.

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6 responses to “I hope it rains”

  1. Suraksha says :

    i hate, hate, hate records. naansens thingums! 😐 my pracs are done and the sleepless night before it was not pretty. bah! 😮

  2. Suraksha says :

    btw, what in the world is snafu? *all curious*

  3. Wascally Wabbit says :

    I have mine from Friday and I am not worrying about it, its of no use.


    SNAFU is used when you are in a confused state, thinking about a lot of things and feeling sick.

    The actual expansion is-> Situation Normal: All Fucked Up

  4. Suraksha says :

    ah, funda. whattey gyaan, similar to FUBAR et al! 🙂

  5. planemad says :

    snafu, first time i came across it was while reading jackdaws years ago. one word that describes my life 😀

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